The Above photo was recently taken in Woolworth's food supermarket.. For sale was cheap Angle Grinders, Power Washers and Paint stripping heat guns..

Congratulations to the Northern Territory Government on its regulations limiting the floor size of Liquor outlets to 400sqm which is blocking the Dan Murphey Superstore owned by Woolworths limited from establishing a branch in Darwin

Congratulations Government on doing a good thing, and holding up in Court Battle, This my friends, is EXACTLY what this country needs

How do we stop the uncontrolled Domination of Giant Superstores who put small business out of business?
How do we bring back the small family business?
How do we Level the playing field for family business in this country?

Follows is my 2 cents

We Tax heavily, imported assembled product
We encourage small farms and family's out to the country and relief city congestion by sliding tax on land space and ALL title

We as a democratic country, demand the governance on range and market grip that a corporation can carry by means of a logarithmic, formula based sliding taxation's established by fair assessment of various factors such as floor space, product line count, product range count, employee count, Land space, imports and emissions

As a Liberal Democrat supporter, I am ALL IN when it comes to solidly reducing the Nanny Government's involvement in our personal life's and slashing red tape and tax in all areas and reducing the footprint of Government. However it is essential to the survival of community and small family commerce that we create new rules to reign in the large corporations.. Even if this is at odds with the rest of the world

You may think that if we Tax Imports higher this will strangle our ability to afford cheap overseas technology and product

  1. The amount of cheap garbage product being shipped here from China is astounding, there is NOTHING we cannot make far better ourselves
  2. There is not a Technology on Earth that we cannot get a handle on and make better ourselves and including Microprocessors and Nano tech and even Social Media, we are smart enough!

Negating import tax on Raw Product where a Raw Product is not readily available in country
Increasing Import tax on all assembled product, waivers may be applied for scientific, medical and Industrial technology that can be demonstrated is not available in country, however the establishment of locally manufactured equivalence soft negates the allowance

Just so you can see how this works and too simplistically

a Liquor outlet of 100sqm would pay 10% tax
a Liquor outlet of 100-200sqm would pay 20% tax
a liquor outlet of 200-300sqm would pay 30% tax
a liquor outlet of 200-300sqm would pay 40% tax
a liquor outlet of above 500sqm would pay 50% tax

So you may ask how about just order online, the online store is subject to similar sliding taxation based upon Product Line
100 wines online he pays 10% tax
150 wines online he pays 20% tax

And so on, the final picture is more complex still it all could fit within ONE trading Rule Book, my god imagine if you could get all the trading rules in one simple book, the Red Tape that would cut

Where are we headed..
Everybody will work for the Government and the Government will be owned by one super corporation, and the Super Corporation will be owned by a very small family dynasty, the Winners of the Game - watch carefully the predictions of the Pixar movie "WALL-E"

Can we as a people peacefully rally up and change the rulebook by just supporting a political party with radically different and sensible policy under our democratic right?
Our democratic right IS the only thing that can tame these powerful super corporations that are bent on self enslaving us into small dog boxes as their ideal "Units"

The current government are certainly hell bent on regulating the life out if us however when I see Woolworths selling Angle Grinders, who are totally within good rights however putting the local family hardware store out of business. I am reminded of the vast void in government sensible brain space and those on both sides in government whom take it up the backside from Large Corporation

Forgive me though everybody I talk with concurs that the current political system causes our leaders to spend endless time arguing and shuffling for micro positions of power over listening and carefully producing good policy, I believe a focus on the health of our economy more so than the growth of our economy is well overdue, when I see Holden shutting down production in Australia because they are loosing to import and overseas large corporation and cheap labor it rings serious Alarm bells,

Often I fly from state capitals to Alice Springs and look out for hours over vast unused lands as far as the eye can see, Australia is a wonderful place... and I wonder what is the mechanism driving you crazy suburban people on mass to work your lives away for a postage stamp of land and in many cases, not even a living plant to be had... and I ask do you question... Is that the life you want your Children to lead?

This above idea is not a Liberal Democrat policy, It is different, is it more advanced? However, I believe a strong and simple step towards a paradigm change is your support of the Liberal Democrats, whom I believe as a political party have it the Most Right

Please educate yourself about this new and alternate Australian political party that could change all our life's for the better in so many ways

Find the LDP Philosophy here, do watch the good video on this page.

We publish a Liberal Democrat Policy Summary on all 1200 (One thousand two hundred) Australian Community Websites find that under Political Articles

Thank you for your consideration of my view

Garry Hill, CEO
The Australian Community Network